At New Talent Capital, we are more than finding great talents. The driving force behind our work is to allow and empower the next generation of leaders to tackle the challenges of the future and to prosper in amazing companies.

We are on the market to make the entry-level hiring process more efficient. We know that it is usually very inefficient filed with high turnover. This problem becomes expensive and unreliable for companies. Furthermore, attracting quality candidates using job postings or referencing is often tricky.

On the other hand, new graduates don’t really know how and where they fit on the market place. We help them understand what career paths are possible and how they can transfer their skills to the workforce.

This is our focus, to bring together great companies with amazing talents for entry-level positions. We use our behavioral science-based methodology to successfully pair job seekers and employers.

Our Mission

We want to create a path where new graduates can build their confidence, skills and abilities to reach their potential as the next generation of professionals.

Our Vision

To create a dynamic and diverse community of amazing talents able to grasp the dilemmas of tomorrow and who are able to promote integrity, progress and initiative.

Our Values

At New Talent Capital, our people have a wide-range of passions and desires strengthen by common values such as creativity, originality, ambition and curiosity.

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