Choosing what to do is not always easy. Many graduates still don’t know what career path they are looking for. Our process identifies and helps recent grads to clarify their thoughts.


Recruiting process

The process is totally free for job seekers and is designed to ensure an understanding of each candidate’s skills, interests and competences.


Our interviews are divided in two parts. The first one is based on behavioral science where we identify your core transferable skills, culture fit, and growth potential coupled with an analysis of your acquired knowledge. The second one is an exploration of what you aspire to do, understanding your goals and matching them with the correct career path. Our goal is to understand you and finding the “right fit”.


When there is an opportunity that fits your profile, we ask you to look at the company, understand the industry, understand what they do, how they do and confirm your interest by explaining why you want to proceed.

Client interview

When “short listed”, we present your profile to the client. If interest is confirmed we schedule a meeting, help you prepare and ALWAYS give a feedback.

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