By being the bridge between recent graduates and companies, we help streamlining the hiring process.

We interview, screen and analyze them by using our behavioral-based methodology to determine their transferable skills, culture fit and growth potential. This process helps to find the “right fit” for your open position with great retention rates.

Industries we serve






Real Estate



Health Care

We cover a large variety of industries by partnering with companies looking for full-time employees.

Assessment to hire

Our assessment to hire is a model where once you select your final candidate to fill your entry-level position through NTC, we assign the candidate for a period of 3-4 months trial period. It is an evaluation period where you can see how the candidate performs before making your final decision. This model helps reduce even more the risk of making a wrong hire.

Straight hire

Some clients prefer this straight hire model by selecting their final candidate and hiring them right away with no trial period.

PreGrad Direct

PreGrad Direct’s aim is to recruit candidates during their senior year. This model is best for companies looking to hire multiple profiles for graduate programs or group training classes.

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