Why work with us?

We strive to give the best quality service possible. We really do the heavy lifting by meeting all our candidates. Plus we make sure that we get to know you, understanding your environment and needs to make sure of the right match.

Once the process starts, we keep you posted with “Status Reports”, feedbacks and timelines. We get back to you after interviews to discuss specific profiles and help you understand each presented candidates with a “Candidate report” that explains all the results from the screening call  to the in person interview.

But most importantly, we do what we say we’ll do. If we can help you, we will do everything we can to find you the RIGHT match, if we can’t help you we’ll tell you.


Our consultant will have a thorough analysis with your hiring manager to understand your company, culture and position’s specific needs. We will identifying the pivotal transferable skills needed to succeed in your open position and learn more about the responsibilities and work environment that the candidate will face.

Potential candidates

Using our proprietary methodology, we will identify potential candidates that could fit the profile. They will go through a screening phase, an interview phase and will be asked to research your company and industry. This ensures that each presented candidate is invested in your open position.

Schedule and present

The top candidates for your position (usually 4-5) will be presented. We take care of scheduling the meetings and you manage your own interview before taking the final decision.

Because our presented candidates have done their homework about your business and shown strong interest, the interview should be fast-paced and meaningful.


Depending on the model you chose, the hiring process can start. We will be there to help and make sure that the process goes smoothly for both parties.

With Assessment to hire, the candidate knows there is an evaluation period (CDD) where they work under your direction with the real possibility of a full-time employment. With Straight hire, once your final candidate is chosen, we will help you ease the onboarding. 

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